I am now accepting commissions to create a unique painting just for you.

(Above is an example of how I work from a photograph to a painting.)

Creating paintings of places that have great meaning to someone is one of my favorite things. 

Step one, is to choose what you would like a painting of.  

Step two is where we work together to decide on the aesthetic of your painting. Do you like acrylic or watercolor? A looser styled painting or more literal and realistic? It is helpful if you take a look at my previous paintings to show me specific things you like. I also like to work from reference images, which you can provide or we find. 

Step three is where I get to work! During the painting process I am happy to send you updates, or you can be surprised at the end. Please allow 4-5 weeks after you place your order for the painting to be completed. If you need it sooner please let me know. 

Please send me an email with your idea and what size painting you would like to receive a price quote.