Canyon Country & Desert Southwest of Utah

 In 2014 I began traveling to the desert on multi-week road trips. Since then, I have spent over eight weeks in the Southwest hiking, camping, and painting. 

I am drawn to this landscape in my travels and in my art because of its unique combination of colors, patterns, and feeling of expansive space. On each trip to the region, I continue to observe the landscape through my art and develop a visual language to convey what I see. 

In the collection of paintings created in the desert I hope to invite the viewer into a landscape they may not know, as well as raise awareness of these places that are currently threatened by loss of federal protection and extractive industries. 

"Storm Rising: Bears Ears." 8x10in Watercolor created at the height of the Bears Ears National Monument controversy. 2017. 

"Escalante River." 8x10in Field painting created while hiking in the Escalante River Canyon, Utah. 2017.