I share my art practice with groups, students, and online in the hopes of inspiring others to get outside, try their hand at art, and to engage with science through creative techniques. 

With a background in environmental education, I teach workshops, work with students, and use art to communicate science to support the current and next generation of environmental stewards.

Science Communication

climatology illustrations

The ability of art to capture the imagination and imbue an emotional element makes it the perfect medium to communicate science. I am available to collaborate with individuals or teams of scientists to bring data, processes, and concepts to life through original works of art. These can be detailed (like the illustrations above created for Jessica Badgeley and presented at the American Geophysical Union's Fall meeting in New Orleans) or more abstract representations. 


students glacier drawings

As a child, my favorite part of each science class was recording my observations; structured tables and charts were accompanied by color swatches, sketches, and notes of what my five senses noticed during each experiment. 

With the widespread implementation of new science curriculums in the U.S., I create lessons that invite students to explore the ways art is a form of observation and can be an integral tool in scientific research and communication. I would love to visit your school, and tailor the lessons to the age group and current projects that your students are working on. 

I can also teach simple lessons on the basic art techniques I use in my field painting practice (and some stories, which are always a hit with younger students). 

Lastly, I have a few spots available for students interested in private lessons (which can be conducted in person if you live near Seattle, or via the web).


Do you work with a community that would like to learn how to paint in the field, or is curious about how art can document adventure? Starting in 2018 I am available for hands-on workshops and presentations. 

Please reach out with questions or inquiries: claireswanderings@gmail.com