Teaching & Outreach

girls on ice teaching

I want to collaborate with scientists to communicate their work with the public in creative ways. My experience with educational expeditions on Mount Baker, creating paintings outside, and working with a climatologist opened my eyes to the creative potential of interdisciplinary collaboration grounded in the sharing of ideas and living in proximity. There is something special that happens when I am able to experience something alongside a scientist or while immersed in a place. I am able to get to know the person, their goals, learn, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and see their passion for their project which fuels my determination to bring their work to life in a new way. I believe my strength as an artist lies in helping people visualize, understand, and form emotional connections to the natural world

With the widespread implementation of new science curriculums in the U.S., I create lessons that invite students to explore the ways art is a form of observation and can be an integral tool in scientific research and communication. I would love to visit your school and tailor the lessons to the age group and current projects that your students are working on. 

I also enjoy working with field based programs to integrate basic art techniques with your research curriculum.