Seven Mountain Notecards

Seven Mountain Notecards

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Created in collaboration with writer Charlotte Austin, these seven unique notecards feature a quote from Austin’s writing paired with one of Giordano’s watercolor paintings.

Each card is printed on 5” x 7” cardstock and sold with an included brown paper envelope. The back of each card is hand-stamped and leaves most of the space blank for your message. 

Individual cards: $5.00 apice

Five pack of cards: $20.00 (please specify which cards you want, using the A-G labels, in the notes section of your order).

All seven cards: $25.00

**For card packs: "Card Quantity" and "Options" must both be specified. 

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The seven quotes are:

Card A: “When I’ve climbed high enough I’ll pause to get my bearings and look back at where I’ve come — and how far I still have to go.”

Card B: “I am there to strip away the human separation that hovers between me and the rest of the world. So that I can not only see but feel where I am, who I am, what I am.”

Card C: “When I wake up in the mountains, there is no wondering what to wear. I already know who I am that day. I am my best self, the one I wish I could always be.”

Card D: “You came here to do something hard. That’s the whole point. It wouldn’t be an adventure if it didn’t challenge you.”

Card E: “The core of alpinism has always been about psychological endurance, imagination, good judgment, leadership, and teamwork — areas in which all genders can excel.”

Card F: “The women who walked these glaciers before us have shown us the path — or maybe better yet — that we are capable of finding our own.”

Card G: “Trust. As athletes and adventurers and friends, we learn to place our lives in each other’s hands.”